Abhay Season 2 Review- The Best Crime Thriller Show with Battle Between Kunal Kemmu & Ram Kapoor Escalates

Abhay Season 2

Abhay Season 2 has already rocked the OTT platform (ZEE5) those who haven’t even watched it’s Season-1, here is a short synopsis for you for the web series is all about!

A Glimpse of Abhay Season 1

Abhay is an Indian web series whose genre is crime-thriller. So, the story revolves around a character Abhay Pratap Singh (Kunal Khemu) who is an investigating officer with the mind of a criminal, who can go to any extent to solve a case. The first season comprised of 8 episodes and it was released on Zee 5 on 7th Feb 2019. Kunal who made digital debut with this web series has set a benchmark for other shows of the same genre. It is produced by BP Singh under fiction factory productions and directed by Ken Josh.

Abhay Season 1

The plot of season 1 is revolving around the life of Abhay, who in a race to save two school kids, Raghu and Pooja. The kids have gone missing in the village of Chinthari. For the past two years, the village on the outskirts of Lucknow has been reporting missing children. Will Abhay be able to battle against his personal demons and find the missing kids?

So the first season was a binge-watching and 95% of users have like that and the critics have also marked it well.

Abhay Season 2 – A Crime Thriller Show

Talking about the Abhay Season 2, the users are already loving it due to its thrill, adventurous and horrific script. As we could see that Abhay goes to any extent to find the truth, we can clearly say that he walks on the road of justice, which is really important for an officer to be fair and solve all the cases for justice. All the episodes of Abhay Season 2  are not yet out, so to maintain the suspense and thrill of this amazing series.. 5 episodes have been launched till now and the 6th episode will be out super soon.

Abhay Season 2

The series carries itself with the perfect amount of gore, blood, mystery, and fear. There are no dialogues full of verbal abuse and adding ‘abusive language’ is the new normal on the OTT. It is engaging and you won’t want to leave the mysteries unsolved. It features some cruel and dangerous criminals on loose in Lucknow. The series doesn’t build up on officer Abhay’s past much, it straight away moves to gritty and blood-filled murders without wasting much of its viewer’s time. In this season, Abhay has drifted away from his family but is still lowkey haunted by his conscience. However, that does not stop him from being a top-notch cop.

There are some common elements like the Reporter who is into every case and a constable who is always Jolly and passes on jokes. To tell something really surprising about this show is that Ram Kapoor is the main anti-hero this season. He enters late but manages to keep up the fear and suspense revolving around his character. Bidita Bag comes across as a sadist psycho killer, who finds orgasmic pleasures in inflicting pain and ultimately pulls teeth out of dead bodies as a souvenir. Kapoor said, “The promo is just a glimpse.

The character is going to leave the audience stunned. He has no name. He is like an unsolved riddle, an extremely mysterious psycho killer/super-villain. The writing is so perfectly interlaced with the character, giving it multiple layers. It was a tough play for me, unlike anything I have done before, and I even managed to scare myself a bit. God willing, the fans would give me as much love for this as they’ve given me all these years.”


Abhay Season 2 is more engaging bigger and full of suspense-filled in it. From its characters played by Kunal Khemu, Ram Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Asha Negi, Nidhi Singh, Bidita Bag, Raghav Juval there is suspense and surprise at every step. We all are waiting for the upcoming episodes and the promo and trailer gives us the glimpse but still leave us in the suspense to think about the turns it will take!

The two-minute trailer offers several glimpses of the character, going toe-to-toe with Abhay, who believes that the villain is playing mind games with him. Ram’s character appears to have kidnapped several children but promises to release them one by one if Abhay manages to solve the cases that the killer gives him. We also see glimpses of Chunky Pandey’s deranged killer, who uses surgical tools to murder his victims. “My character is a normal-looking guy, but not when it comes to finding ways to feed his cannibal instinct. Looks can be deceptive indeed,” said Chunkey Pandey.

Here we have seen an emotionally battered yet mentally sharp and tough cop back on duty. He is joined by his enthusiast new recruit Khusboo played by Nidhi Singh. We also get glimpses of his personal life. Another new addition to the cast is Asha Negi, who plays fierce journalist, passionate about her work.

It is a must-watch web series and one of the most engaging crimes- thrilled plot. Be it’s characters, direction or editing! Everything is at its best. #TheRoadToJustice is also related to and based on true events. Though it’s a piece of fiction and editing has been done but a lot of things have been inspired and taken from the true events. So that the actors could actually understand the mindset of their characters and what happened in real-life incidents.

ZEE5 Abhay Season 2 – How To Watch?

You can now enjoy and watch the series on the ZEE5 app. The series is streaming on the popular OTT platform ZEE5 after the release. You can subscribe to the ZEE5 app on your devices. There are various subscription packs available for the ZEE5.

All-access pack includes Movies+ Shows+ LiveTV + Before TV Support. Now you can enjoy the ZEE5 on 5 devices at a time. Various packages are as follows

  • INR 99 for 30 days (With Select Code)
  • INR 299 for 90 days (Any Payment Mode)
  • For INR 599 for 180 days (Any Payment Mode)
  • INR 999 for 365 days (Any Payment Mode)

You can now download the ZEE5 app. ZEE5 app is available on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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I hope by reading this you have already built interest and will watch the show. It is available on Zee5, so go and have a thrilled binge-watching guy 😉