Best earphones under 1000 in India

Best Earphones Under 1000

So, you wanna buy a pair of earphones because your previous one stopped functioning or because the brand new smartphone that you just bought didn’t come with one. whatever the reason may be, the thing is you somehow ended up here and we at the true gadgets are motivated to serve you better and wanna make sure you get what you’re looking for.

Earphones in recent years have become an essential part of one’s life to soo much extent that one ought to have one all the time day and night. it’s an absolute necessity when it comes to traveling. not being able to listen to music in public places comfortably feels soo much annoying like the stone age.

Now the problem in thinking of getting a new pair of earphones is that there’s just soo many options to pick from and soo many people. Each of them telling you to buy the one they think MIGHT FIT your requirement. And soo many REVIEWERS and INFLUENCERS telling you to buy a certain pair saying that they found it to be good just after a minor use or no use at all and even just after looking at the product page which doesn’t give the correct representation of what it actually is to use them. The Trend Flavors decided to go full rogue mode and bust all bad out. And to give you a list of Best Earphones Under 1000 or Best Headphones under 1000.

Talking of the price point we chose to explore today, which is one might call THE BUDGET BRACKET (1k rs), there’s not much to be expected. One definitely shouldn’t expect studio monitor quality audio in this price bracket. So we chose to give priority to comfort and go with decent audio quality knowing that people with a budget of 1k for earphones (Best Earphones Under 1000) isn’t much of an audiophile by nature and comfort matters to all equally.

Sony MDR EX 150 AP – Best Earphones Under 1000

Sony MDR EX 150 AP - Best Earphones Under 1000

This earphones from Sony are one of the finest in the given price range for all the good reasons and is often rated #1 on most online sellers. Available in two shiny attractive colors – black and blue with black cables in both variants. The buds fit perfectly to all sony being gracious enough to hand out 3 pair silicon ear tips of various sizes which are more than decent when talking of noise isolation. The sound quality of the sony MDR-ex 150ap is where I think it shines the most, perfectly balanced for vocals and beats and it’s easily the top 1% of the audio quality for a budget of up to 2k INR. The cherry on the cake is the microphone and a configurable button. This Microphone is just good enough. The build quality is not the best but better than most. So, the bottom line is, consider buying the sony mdr-ex150ap if you listen to a lot of vocals and rest doesn’t matters much.

Panasonic RP-TCM 125 Ergo Fit – Best Earphones Under 1000

Probably the oldest in the list and this old guys beat the hell out of the most in competition when it comes to the sound. It delivers to the ears while living up to its name ergo fit perfectly. This is the earphone which will just blow your mind of the sound and I don’t mind saying it again for it being soo good. The microphone is decent enough for call and won’t disappoint at all and the button on the earphone does its work. The only downfall of these earphones the one might complain about is the built quality. These earphones undoubtedly look and feel cheap, wires are soo thin that one might be scared of breaking it often but surprisingly it’ll hold it on. Believe it or not, it is durable enough for most with just enough care and precautions.

JBL C100SI /JBL C200SI – Best Earphones Under 1000

JBL is a well know speaker manufacturer from America. JBL manufactures only speakers and equipment and they unarguably are good at it. Everyone has heard of it and knows that it’s good. The siblings we’re talking about, the c100si and c200si seem to be targeted towards the younger generation. Talking of the sound it produces, it’s in their DNA to be one of the best in this department so no doubt on that, the only difference between the two being the bass handling capability. The c200si have better bass than the c100si. both siblings have a multi-function button and a great microphone for a call.

Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 – Best Earphones Under 1000

Audio-Technica just like JBL is another audio focused company based out of Japan with superior reaches. Audio Technica is a go-to when it comes to studio-grade pure sound. This company caters usually expensive audiophile grade earphones and headphones and have just recently entered the budget segment. Sonic fuel is one of the budget lineups of Audio-Technica and truly lives up to the brand with superfine audio quality, great noise isolation, and great comfort. The microphone is also great and overall a good pair of earphones with the only downside being it’s built quality. Though the build quality is good, it doesn’t feel so and that does disappoint many.

Focal Sense 100SI – Best Earphones Under 1000

Focal is one of the best lesser-known high-end audio product manufacturers from France. Surprisingly enough this NEW TO INDIA brand knows it very well that we Indians absolutely love good packing and does exacty that. One will definitely fall in love with the brand just seeing how well the product is packed like a jewellry in a decent box and comes with a carry pouch. It’s also one of the best when it comes to the looks. And just where one stop praising it looks, it’s superb sound starts to rule the heart by pride. This is the one that shines good in all departments except one, the one which most youngsters these days loves the most and that’s the bass. Overall, the focal sense 100si is great for someone who loves classical song and not soo into bass heavy songs.

Honorable Mentions – Best Earphones Under 1000

 Sennheiser CX 213/ CX180 – Best Earphones Under 1000

Sennheiser is undoubtedly a great brand and these siblings live to fame with the only downside being not having a microphone.

Skullcandy JIB – Best Earphones Under 1000

Another great audio company with great sound which lacks microphone.

Absolute No- Go’s – Best Earphones Under 1000

In this section, we’re going to mention some famous earphones which might make it to the top charts of many forums but we found them to be unworthy for one reason or another which we will mention alongside.

House of Marley Little Bird EM-JE061 – Best Earphones Under 1000

These pair of earphones from the House of Marley is suggested by many for its absolute beast built quality, draided cable and wooden finish driver cup shines it up in this department. Red flags are the sound quality of them which if you’re just a little known to music is far from decent.

boAt BassHeads 225 – Best Earphones Under 1000

boAt is a newbie in the sound world and that’s reflective in most of their products. The boat basshead series occasionally makes it to top charts of forums, Specifically the basshead 225. So, why we gave it a red flag. starting off, as the name suggests, these are bass focused and would often distort lower frequencies which is not a problem for bass lovers. Second- as these are bass focused, these really hurt the ears after using for a while not just by beating the hell out of eardrums, but also by its physical design. The same design that makes it sturdy and durable, also makes it heavy for the ear canals fo hold which also increases the probability of it falling off the ears which annoys more than anything else. 


Don’t but any cheap spin offs from local vendors what so over to save your ears.