HONOR challenges the united kingdom to be additional #SwitchedOn around youth stereotypes with major street art installation


2nd August 2019 – Mobile school complete HONOR has nowadays unveiled a two-part graffiti mural to create an announcement against negative youth stereotypes.

Located simply off business Road in Central London, the design, made by famed street art collective Graffiti Kings, changes from day to nighttime to depict however information Z very use their phones. This collaboration comes once new analysis from HONOR unconcealed some stark contrasts in people attitudes towards smartphone usage.

Marking the launch of the new HONOR twenty professional, the analysis found that an enormous seventy six of 16-24 year olds surveyed feel that older generations assume they pay an excessive amount of time on their phones. However, they’re arguably the generation UN agency are exploitation their smartphone {in additional|in additional} positive ways that than the other with solely V-E Day of this cohort feeling that smartphones have a negative impact on their lives and hr feeling that their phones build them more productive.

Findings show that tykes in kingdom ar supply their inventive ambitions and furthering their careers over ever before. Over half those surveyed (55%) unconcealed that they need a aspect hustle, together with jobs such as: shopping for and commerce garments, network selling and blogging. From those, nearly a third(27%) use it as some way of supplementing their financial gain with an additional eighty nine difference of opinion they couldn’t with success do their aspect hustle while not the employment of a smartphone. And with new technology at our fingertips, five hundredth of 18-24 year olds conjointly admit to having uncovered inventive abilities through the employment of their smartphone devices.

Those aged 16-24 ar currently paving the approach for younger ‘Gen Z-er’s’ once it involves belongings the globe recognize they’ve arrived, following suit of young social activists like Greta Thunburg (16), the Swedish global climate change champion and cardinal Francis-Cornibert (19) from South London, UN agency recently took on an absence of illustration on screen with ‘Legally Black’, the crusade that embedded black actors into painting film posters. It’s no surprise that as ninety two of the united kingdom currently own a smartphone, a staggering eightieth of information Z use it as their main association to the globe, agreeing that while not it, they wouldn’t remember of world news, politics or be as environmentally acutely aware. within the last twelve months, over half them (60%) have signed a petition on-line, 1 / 4 (25%) have shared a petition via their social channels Associate in Nursing over four in ten (42%) having followed an activist or politician on social media.

As trendy lifestyles have modified, the shift in how ever we tend to interact with each other has conjointly taken a flip with information Z’ers largely exploitation social media to share with friends. Results show that, due to in progress advancements in smartphone cameras like HONOR twenty PRO’s AI Quad Camera, information Z (67%) and Millenials (62%) use photography as a serious new kind of communication, while Baby Boomers (35%) and Traditionalists[2] (43%) still choose to communicate face-to-face. It conjointly found that ninety fifth of Gen-Z have used photography as a kind of communication with over 3 quarters (83%) doing thus once per week or additional, and 29%saying they send imaging multiple times on a daily basis.

Furthermore sixty fourth of information Z see taking photos on their phone as an imaginative outlet, with creative thin king generally (40%) hierarchical because the third biggest profit Gen-Z get from their phones, once social life (64%) and music (47%).

Olivier Dobo, HONOR United Kingdom selling Director, said: “Our analysis shows that tykes are becoming additional out of their smartphones than any previous generation, and we’re proud to assist them still do thus. Phones like our new HONOR twenty pro mean tykes will beg into alter their world as simply as they modify the track they’re paying attention to, that the indisputable fact that such a lot of of information Z ar grasp the opportunities smartphones supply is basically nice to envision.”

Graham Golden, co-founder of street art collective, Graffiti Kings said: “We ar excited to unveil this impactful project, that reflects on completely different perceptions of however tykes use their phones. They get tons of stick for payment an excessive amount of time on-line, however this piece brings to life a number of the positive things they’re doing through technology, from expressing their creative thinking to being young entrepreneurs“.

The HONOR twenty pro, that launches on first August 2019, was designed to fulfill the ever-evolving wants of the world’s youth, that includes one amongst the simplest all spherical inventive camera systems accessible within the market. It options HONOR’s initial ever AI Quad Camera, and comes with Ultra-High ISO Sensitivity, that provides a stronger low-light photography expertise.

Following its international launch in London earlier this year, the honour twenty pro are on sale within the United Kingdom for £549.99 from nowadays, and every one customers UN agency obtain between one August and eighteen August can receive a free HONOR Watch Magic, ordinarily £179.99. For additional info, contact: HonorUKPressOffice@redconsultancy.com


HONOR twenty professional is out there in either Phantom Blue, solely at Car phone Warehouse or Phantom Black, accessible at Amazon, Argos, MPD, terribly and A1 Comms furthermore as Car phone Warehouse. Customers UN agency obtain the honour twenty between one August and eighteen August also will receive a free HONOR Watch Magic, ordinarily £179.99.