HONOR Wins huge at CES 2020 with Growing Momentum of Wearables

HONOR, a world smartphone e-brand, is given with a slate of award wins at CES 2020, as a testament to its best in school merchandise, solid business performance, with-it technologies and international complete recognition.

HONOR has been topped prime fifteen world sensible phone complete of the Year and world 5G Smart Phone Innovation Breakthrough complete by IDG, because of its pioneering innovation within the 5G arena.


HONOR topped prime fifteen world sensible Phone complete of the Year and world 5G sensible Phone Innovation Breakthrough complete by IDG.

“We square measure honored to be awarded united of the highest brands within the trade by IDG. the popularity highlights the success of our 1+8+N strategy, that aims to create Associate in Nursing system of integrated sensible merchandise, paving the manner for a very connected society. HONOR can still be a thrust for innovation within the trade and play a key role in fast 5G and sensible living developments,” same martyr Zhao, world President of HONOR.

The HONOR Magic Watch two, the brand’s second-generation sensible and health assistant, has additionally been awarded better of CES 2020 by humanoid Headlines, PocketNow and Ubergizmo.

In 2019, HONOR has seen big growth in its overseas markets, achieving a 1st} YoY increase in smartphone shipments within the first 3 quarters alone, in line with IDC. Supported by its productive and visionary 1+8+N IoT strategy, HONOR has recorded a large 1333% YoY increase in shipments of wearables over constant amount. The complete has continuing to cement itself as a front runner across key markets. In Russia, HONOR has achieved twenty fifth market share.

HONOR MagicWatch two is awarded “Best of CES” 2020

Looking ahead to 2020 and on the far side, HONOR is devoted to making a lot of victory, pioneering technology, from PCs, wearables, sensible audio and sensible screens. keep tuned for a lot of surprises from HONOR.


HONOR may be a leading smartphone e-brand. The complete was created to satisfy the requirements of digital natives through internet-optimized merchandise that provide superior user experiences, inspire action, foster power and empower the young to attain their dreams. In doing this, HONOR has set itself apart by showcasing its own bravery to try and do things otherwise and to require the steps required to start the most recent technologies and innovations for its customers.

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