How to Improve Skin Texture on Face – Key To Skin Softness

The environment is still hot and humid.. and when we step out of our house and our skin gets dry super-fast after being in this type of atmosphere, we get worried. But now no need to worry because we have super fun and easy methods to keep skin hydrated and have soft skin without many efforts.

Use Luke Warm Water

Do not use excessive hot or cold water in winters. It will let the skin get dry and you will have rough skin and get irritated too. So use Lukewarm water, also… add some 2-3 drops of any favorable oil to the water and then have a bath.. it will keep your skin naturally moisturized.

Moisture is necessary

After a bath, use moisturizer instantly. For dry and rough skin, the best moisturizer is that only which has high SPF in it. The UV rays are always harmful even if you feel the heat or not. Use the cream at least twice a day for good results. Try to wash your face if you get in touch with excessive dust particles.

Always protect your skin

We always face problems when we encounter with dust, heat and speedy winds. Use some kind of cloth to hide your face, since it gets rough very soon as compared to any other body part. Choose a cream that stays long and suits your skin type too.

To keep your elbows, knees and ankles soft.. take some drops of baby oil with your moisturizer which will keep your skin feel soft and healthy too.

Before going out

To get rid of speedy winds in any season have a sunglasses and scarf for neck and face which will totally protect your skin. For keeping your hair smooth, tie your scarf starting from your hair only.. and make a loose ponytail or wear a hat that can protect your hair. You can use any lotion or serum to keep your hair shiny and set.

Do not forget to keep a lip balm with you whenever you are out of your house. It is so because lips get dry in every 1-2 hours. Also, the easiest method to keep your hair and skin shiny as well as healthy is to drink water after some -some time.

Deep conditioning is important

After some days our hair will naturally loose its high moisture content because of the autumn and winter season. So, once in two weeks give your hair deep conditioning. It is nutritious for your hair as it will give the required moisture to your hair. Try to do a soft scrub (gently) to your skin and face 2-3 times a week as it opens up the pores and your skin gets healthy and your skin will not get wrinkled!

Hands and feet should get special care

If your skin gets really rough then put some more cream or moisturizer and wear dry socks and gloves and go to sleep. This will let your skin absorb the moisture easily and it will help to get them nutrition also. If your nose and some other places also get dry, then put some cream over there at night and sleep, it will help a lot and your skin will be soft always.

Moisturizing contents for use

Instead of using soap you should use a shower gel which will give more moisture to the skin. Instead of using washed away conditioners use natural conditioners such as curd, milk, aloe vera, etc. Because it will give proper nutrition to skin and hair and will keep it shiny and soft. For healthier skin we will advise you to use a skin cleanser or a cream cleanser also. Since the cleanser cleans your face, removes dust and gives good moisture to the skin. Thank you! Hope you liked this article. We will soon present some more articles for fashion, skincare and much much more… Stay tuned!