TVF Kota Factory – The Viral Fever’s Black and White Original Web Series

TVF Kota Factory

The TVF Kota factory which is India’s first monochrome web series. Almost every second person is loving it. It is an Indian web series directed by Raghav Subbu from viral fever. The series simultaneously previewed on TVF play and YouTube on 16th April 2019. Nowadays hard work on content pays off really well and that is why the Kota factory has been rated 9.6 out of 10 and 98% people who have reviewed have loved it. Its biggest asset is its writing. Kota factories cast include Mayur More, Rajan Raj, Alam, Jitendra Kumar, Ahsaas Channa, Ravithi Pillai.

The very first episode of this amazing web series had a dialogue that attracted the youth was “Jiska Yahan aake bhi Nahi Hua uska Toh Kabhi Hona hi nahi tha.”.  Basically, the series highlights the present day problems of IIT-JEE aspirants who face in their day to day lives. Taking further this extraordinary response the second episode of the Kota factory which released on 23rd April has received over 2.1 million views on YouTube in 24 hours.

TVF Kota Factory

At the age of 15, Numerous Indian students realize and unshakeable truth about their lives: that their worth depends on cracking IIT-JEE earlier million of them compete for it and only 10,000 of them make it. Kota factory promises to plug the crucial narrative gap. Lakhs of Indian teenagers didn’t just hit puberty and grow up- many lost a part of themselves dusty piles of coaching manuals, becoming a faceless member of an army branded failure at the age of 18. We all know about this war but very little about the Warriors of its premier background, Kota.

The Kota factory opens to the panoramic shots of the city. Here we hear that an auto rickshaw driver calls it “not a city but a very big hostel”.  Then we find it more than segregation, central to Hindu society, is important to coaching institutes, too. Here students are divided into different batches based on their academic performance. Better student gets better teachers and more attention.

In the episode, we meet the protagonist, Vaibhav Pandey, a teenager from Itarsi, who wants to crack IIT JEE and he joins in the coaching institute “Prodigy”. The characters are compelling and realistic portrayals. Kota factory avoids the cliches of romance and friendship, but only to an extent. But…But…But…, Kota factory’s intellectual curiosity about the city and its people makes the series first half enjoyable.

We understand that Kota has its hierarchy the city has its local stars: – young, cool ex-IITians who are not just faculty members in the institute but also counselors and spiritual guides. One such character is Jeetu Bhaiya who plays an important role too. Instead of critiquing the culture of coaching institute it accepts its abnormalities as a given. Every episode of the Kota factory has around 10 million views; the series is rated 9.5 on IMDB. Its core audience patter themselves on the back for shunning mediocre Bollywood films for being unrealistic-seems disinterested in looking at the mirror reflecting their stories.

TVF Kota Factory Characters

What is your Favourite dialogue from TVF’s Kota Factory?

“Bacche 2 saal mein KOTA se nikal jaate hain! KOTA saalon tak bacchon se nahi nikalta. “

Maa baap ke decision shayad galat ho sakte hai.. Par unki niyat kabhi galat nahi hoti. ”

” Apni problems ko dare bana diya aur dare seedha ego se connected hai aur ego ke nuksaan bahut hai par ek fayda hai cheezen doable lagne lagti hain. “

” One cannot hate that one does not see. “

” Abe rank unki improve hoti hai jinki aa rahi hoti hai aur tumhari to chudail (Witch) kha jayegi! “

“Ye batch se mat dar. Ye tera satya hai. Accept kar.”

Some Great Moments

Thank you and enjoy!