Panasonic Summer Fashion Flash: Top 5 grooming trends to beat the heat!

Summer time is similar with the hypnotic sunsets, cranberry sangaree, and irresistible palm trees. However, because the salty summer breeze veils the hustling minds of the globe, and also the sweet sunshine of the March-time changes to the pre-monsoon hot heat, the unrelenting heat and also the unforgiving pollution take the place of the once poetic summer-sunshine. With all the perks that the season brings at the side of it, it’s its fair proportion of grooming challenges one must watch out of. With all the sweat, dirt, and intolerable heat, the requirement for correct grooming becomes even a lot of vital. From hair and face to nails, nose and ears, here square measure high 5 grooming merchandise by Panasonic, which can assist you to measure your sweet-summer life adore it ought to be lived.

1. Say no to bad hair days

With all the warmth and sweat, taming the mane gets a shade bit tough. As viscosity and dirt take abode in our scalps, the sole escape is that the smart previous hair spa. But, convey god for the hair dryers! creating our mornings really easy and our hair manageable, the great ol’ blow drye run doubtedly makes USA for our busy schedules and undoubtedly blows USA away (Model EH-NE20)! Panasonic’s blow dryer and hair artificer square measure the final word tools for giving yourself inventive hairstyles and for pampering your hair each morning, all day! If you’re somebody.. often on the go then, we’d advocate Panasonic’s versatile hair artificer. A two-way device with six attachments and a couple of hair clips– blow brush, roller brush, slim roller brush, volume lifter, air iron, and nozzle–that will be used interchangeably, this device delivers wonderful results (Model EH-KA81). Be prepared for a full ton of compliments!

Model EH-NE20 Price: ₹2670
Model EH-KA81 Price: ₹3365

2. Pull off that stylish beard look you always wanted with the Panasonic’s trimmers!

The November-beard challenge is long gone, and this is often the time of the year once that raw glory over your face gets subjected to the unrelenting heat and also the unforgiving pollution. If not given the proper care and a spotlight, the sweat, the dirt, and also the intolerable heat usually takes a toll on your facial hair. With all the perks that the season brings at the side of it, it’s its fair proportion of grooming challenges one must watch out of. A hassle-free dial system to regulate the comb up and down into twelve settings, Panasonic’s reversible beard and hair trimmer (Model ER307) is for the times once it’s either Brad Pitt’s rough look or Saint George Clooney’s be suited gaze. With its high-precision blade and technology style, this trimmer is convenient and straightforward to handle and provides extra-precision for a clean trim. Panasonic’s foam trimmer on the opposite hand is for a spruce and crisp look as this trimmer boasts of exactitude cutting with a steep edge, therefore permitting fast trimming of even thick and exhausting beard.

Model ER307 Price: ₹1985
Model ER-GB37 Price: ₹2555

3. There’s no better feeling than getting your nails done!

From nutritious them, and keeping them robust, to let go on ketone associate degreed exploitation an oil based mostly nail paint remover—we do such a lot for our nails. One factor that gets detected the fore most once it involves grooming square measure however well you’ve got maintained your nails which isn’t simply restricted to obtaining a pleasant manicure however additionally however clean and well-shaped they’re. Panasonic is aware of the daily struggle of our hustling lives and thus, it’s got one resolution to any or all of our nail grooming problems—the Daily Nail Care Kit! Bring manicure home and let your fingertips feel the magic. This single convenience provides an ideal form, buff, groom, and end to the nails.

Priced at: ₹2395

4. The clean-shaven look will never be out of fashion!

For a few, the summer heat is enough to create them understand that the sole joy of going clean shave is to be ready to grow the beard once more. For that gentle manlike, well-groomed and clean look of a glib utterer, Panasonic has return up with its 3-blade wet/dry shaver. With special metropolis Italian style, this shaver options a curving foil surface that matches on the brink of skin while not effort for a clean, sharp, and shut shave. With a crop up trimmer, it comes with a wet/dry technology that allows wet shaving with any gel or foam. For a cool and trendy summer, this shaver may be a must have! 

Model ES-SL41 Priced at ₹4790

5. Do you tweeze them out? Wax them? Trim them? Who knows?

Long nose hair may be a attribute nobody desires. In fact, it’s the amount one tip to be ship-shaped and well-spruced! The removal of nose and ear hair is that theme thod nobody desires to travel through. Even brooding about it makes one go ‘Ouch!’ With Panasonic’s wet/dry nose and ear hair trimmer, create this method trouble free and pain free and obtain that prim and correct, summer look you had continually wanted!

(Model ER-GN30-K) Priced at: ₹1570