Ramadan Outfit – What to wear on this Holy Festival ??

Ramadan outfit

Sometimes dressing modestly can seem tricky, especially in the burning summers where you feel like being baking once you step out. And if it’s the holy month of Ramadan, you can take no chance. One can browse an extensive variety of textures and hues with a wide range of sparkling embellishments enhancing the piece of clothing. And the best part of all the celebrations-Eid Shopping.

Ramadan outfit

From the traditional, intense outfits of Eid Saree, Eid  Salwar Kameez, Eid Lehenga Choli, Eid Ghagra Choli, and so on for women to the simplest of the outfits like Eid Pathani Suits, Eid Afghani Suits, and so forth for men, it’s all a matter of standing out of the crowd!

With regards to Ramadan garments, ladies need to deal with a bit more particularities. Month-long commitment and holiness, The scorching summer heat and that too fasting throughout the day is not just a ‘cup of tea’. So what fits in here is a single-hued streaming chiffon abayas or a perfect Anarkali Suit, mainly plain and simple, weaved along the neck area embroidered with precious Swarovski stones. The loose and simple outfit will satisfy the vitality of maintaining that ‘comfort level’.

Let it fall all the way down to the floor. Afterall it’s Ramdan.

Ramadan outfit

For the ‘cherry on the cake’, garnish your beauty with the Stoned Jewellery. Get on a brass finished, hued stone finger ring fitting in with your simple attire. And without a pair of huge, hanging earrings, you can claim your beauty. Metaled jali patterns with the outshining tinted stones make a decent match.

Thank you and enjoy!