ZEE5 Recently Launched HiPi a Short Video Platform – Checkout Top 10 Party and Retro Filters On HiPi

Top 10 Party & Retro Filters On HiPi

HiPi is a recently launched short video platform by ZEE5 especially made under #AatmanirbharBharat. The platform on the starting phase only has some great content and have created some hype amongst the content creator. Many fellow creators and few known celebs have already marked their debut on the platform #HappensOnHiPi.

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Now let’s talk about the platform, you can access the HiPi platform through ZEE5 app, If you already have ZEE5 app, you need to update your ZEE5 app to get the HiPi Platform. There are many exciting and new features on the platform. While uploading or making the video one can choose different filters and effects on the video, can also change the video speed and can choose video duration from 15s-90s. The platform always has some fun challenges going on. Participate in those challenges and get a chance to be featured.

HiPi Interface


Further, Effects are categorized into Action, Beauty, Trending, Plug-Ins, and Cute. The Filters are categorized into Action, Party, Retro, Primary, & Love n Beauty.  Today, we are going to talk about the Top 10 Party Filters and Retro On HiPi Platform.

Top 10 Party and Retro Filters On HiPi Platform

Anyone who is thinking about the name of this app, then let me tell you the meaning of HiPi. The name HiPi comes from the vision of a youthful & carefree planet where everyone can express themselves with freedom & confidence, a fun place where users can express themselves without getting judged. ZEE5 HiPi filters are some kind of effects that you can add while making the video.

1. Flash

Flash filter is an extension to the Party Filter & loads the colour flashes more frequently. It gives a feel of Disco Light and is present under Party Filters.

2. Party

This filter is high-contrast & probably, it adds a LOAD of shadow & darkness of different colours shades, gives you a feel of party.

3. Glitch

It gives you unsharp images in the video but looks really good & is present under Retro filters.

4. Spooky

This Spooky filter can be used for either creating something creepy or scary & It gives a retro look.

5. Dhak Dhak

Dhak Dhak Filters gives you a zooming effect and that too in beats. So, it gives you a proper party type feelings.

6. Black and White (B n W)

The black & white filter gives you a uniform look, It gives a vintage look and which give videos a retro appearance.


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7. Pixel

Pixel Filter decreases screen brightness, by turning off individual pixels. This way the screen contrast is kept at the same level and it gives an amazing retro effect.

8. Red

Red Filter is used for getting outline sketch photos easily with magnificent red colour filters, front blend & rear blend along with beautiful gradients, overlays. It is present under Party Filters.

9. Rainbow

The Rainbow filter brings pretty sun flare & colour overlay effect to decorate your life moments. Rainbow filters are getting more popular and this is under Party Filters.

10. Golden

The filter that adds light to lighter areas & dark to darker areas. What Golden Filter does is, it “cool down” your photo, as it slightly increases saturation & contrast. It gives your video a golden texture and is a Retro Filter.

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To help you experiment I’ve included details about HiPi filter, so you can try them out yourself. Just open the ZEE5 app on your phone and Click on HiPi to enjoy this amazing platform #HappensOnHiPi.

To learn more about using HiPi, check out ZEE5 HiPi & Instagram Page.